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Laur Duvall - Angels & Rebels

January 2019


First I disect them by drawing their shadow then I remask them and put their face back on after I understand why they wear the face that they do. Thats why I dont draw faces in front of people or when I address their form. The images of Rebels and Angels are from the drawing process. All of the participants are queer most of them are trans. What goes into constructing an identity and where do you keep old one? These are things that I ask myself when I think about being trans all the time.


Laur Duvall cuts the line between “you” and “me” by pushing their subjects and sometimes audience to their mental and physical limits, calling free will into question. Duvall’s work contrasts a fragile touch with violent and aggressive action present in drawings, performances, videos and sound. They construct these scenarios for a dance and a fight to take place.

The Rebels and Angels of these images are willing participants from the artist’s ongoing performance series Night of the Hunter produced in collaboration with Stigmaunbound, a New York Performance Arts collective showcasing the work of sex workers and allies. The images depict queer and trans bodies, posing to be drawing from their shadows in the artist’s studio, shadows being Duvall’s way of attacking the figure from a genderless perspective. However, not all shadows become Rebels and Angels.

The work shown in Rebels & Angels captures and celebrates the intimate relationship each participant has with themselves and their body. As the light hits their face they step out of the shadows as Rebels & Angels.


horse shed presents Rebels & Angels, a solo exhibition of new works by American artist Laur Duvall.

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