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JJ McDonald - An Elaborate Use of Time
horse shed presents An Elaborate Use of Time, a solo exhibition of new works by Brooklyn based artist JJ McDonald
jj install 5 done.jpg

An Elaborate Use of Time celebrates the process of where JJ has been, where they're at, and everything in between. It’s a love letter written not only to someone but also to themselves. “Gifts from the universe” JJ calls them, otherwise known as unmentionable hours of YouTube tarot in replacement of therapy, late nights on the dance floor, and sympathetic ears from strangers on the street are how she's been able to heal & where her creative practice has begun. 


jj install 1 done.jpg
jj install 2 done.jpg
jj install 4 done.jpg
jj install 3 done.JPG
jj installd 6 done.jpg
jj edited 2.jpg
jj edited 1.jpg
title screen james edit.jpg
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