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Chief Reef - Lilith's Shed Take Over
horse shed presents the debut, solo exhibition by London based artist Chief Reef
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When I first heard about horse shed, it instantly felt like a magical special place, not bound by space, time, rules, etcetera, etcetera... 
I used this place to explore and question all of my feelings, emotions and experiences about my race, my gender, a person with Ghanaian and Italian heritage, born and bred in London, identifying as a cis woman.....

The props used are all mine and I chose them based on the energies they give me, concentrating on how they influence my mood, how they feel on me, how I move whilst wearing them.....
Lilith is the keeper of horse shed.
My favourite interpretation of the creation of Lilith is that of a person created from the earth, because, that is how I've always felt; Of this world.
The director of horse shed told me from day one that the creation of the work will become the work itself. I didn't always understand what they meant, but they were so right. Creating this piece has changed the way I see myself, as well as others. I have always loved myself, but now I love myself, all of me.
I may not belong anywhere, but I belong everywhere.
Shout out to SmallBed, T-Truth, Queen of Portobello, Natalie and Twinkle Toes. Thank you for being in my life x 
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